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The Latvian sauna – pirts is more than just heating or steaming. By skillfully using the gifts of nature, the sauna gives a person the opportunity to regenerate mentally and physically. For most people, the sauna usually associates with dry heat room with a bench or SPA, paying too much attention to the interior, the perfect water temperature and the number of towels.

We, however, pay much more attention to the sensations, feelings and effects that only the touch of nature can give to the human senses.

SENSA's modern eco-sauna rituals not only help to release daily tensions, but also provide an opportunity to explore and enjoy various natural applications on a human body, involving all senses, and providing new influx of energy.

In short, SENSA is a Latgalian sauna “pirts” ritual tradition in a modern framework, which, using only self-collected, natural materials, reveals various new wellness opportunities, which the sauna owner Dzintra calls pampering.

Welcome to Latgale – to enjoy flogging touches of nature and unprecedented pampering, helping you to rediscover the world of your inner senses and regain the coveted freedom from worries and imaginary problems!


ECO SAUNA RITUALS are about nature’s interaction with a human being in sauna, giving the client the opportunity to enjoy the effects of various natural applications with all the senses available to each individual.

We use only our own hand-picked or prepared herbs and raw materials, which is the very basis of our sauna programs.

We make our own bath brooms, scrubs and plant mats to be placed on the bench in a sauna. We pamper our customers with all the best we have available: herbs, honey, clay, salt. Each plant has its own, special texture, aroma and effect, which our sauna masters are well acquainted with and know how to apply.

Before each sauna ritual, the sauna master will inquire about the following:

  • the client's general state of health (e.g., cardiovascular disorders, etc.);
  • allergies to certain plants or products (including honey, citrus, etc.);
  • implants;
  • previous experience with going to the sauna;
  • desired effect (relaxation or energy boost).

SENSA eco-sauna programs are adapted to a specific season.

In the winter months, we use snow, ice and even snowballing in the sauna, enhancing the contrast and the palette of sensations. One of the most popular ritual programs is the coniferous sauna with its characteristic touch, aroma of brooms, scrubs, and honey masks. Fragrant, varied and specially prepared brooms and aromatic scrubs bring the feeling of summer to the sauna.




SENSA offers masterclasses for various events - for individuals, companies, and for various organizations: associations, partnerships, and education administrations. In addition, the head of SENSA Dzintra Abarone is a graduate teacher with extensive experience in organizing various events and camps for primary and secondary school children.

We usually adjust the format of masterclasses according to the customer's brief, event theme, place and season, combining all of the above in different ways.

For example:

  • “Forest gifts for wellness and beauty” master class in cooperation with the association “Sateka” consisted of three sections: scrubs, oil extracts, ointments and balms.
  • “Talks over a cup of tea” masterclasses include a conversation about how to optimally organize your sauna day; what plants best fit in the sauna and what effect of each of them; effects of syrups and vegetable scrubs and their preparation; basic principles of tea harvesting, tea tasting; honey bath procedures; use of amber in bath rituals; use of clay and sludge; plant extracts in oil, ointments, etc.
  • “Contrasts in the sauna”, aromatherapy, differences and effects of spring, autumn and winter sauna rituals


Dzintra Abarone is a certified sauna master with substantial experience in sauna rituals in general and Latgalian eco-sauna or pirts rituals and materials in particular. Additionally, SENSA has experience of extensive use of various bath-related natural materials. Thus, the organization of practical workshops is one of SENSA's core activities, which is becoming increasingly popular.


Dzintra Abarone is a certified sauna master with quite a lot of experience in pirts, bath and sauna matters. She is a passionate supporter and promoter of eco-products and a more natural, respectful and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who has once enjoyed any of SENSA eco-sauna ritual and her pampering definitely will want to come back for more.

Jānis Abarons is the owner of the sauna complex, who has built everything by himself. Jānis doesn't talk much but takes care of everything and helps his wife maintain the high eco-sauna pampering bar.

SENSA is a creation of Dzintra and Jānis, and it is only natural that their own children are also actively involved in various processes. They help to pick up herbs, make scrubs, as well as take part of receiving guests, keeping alive welcoming traditions of Latgale region. Everyone who has been to Latgale knows, there’s no more welcoming place in Latvia as in Latgale, and SENSA perhaps is a Latgale in a nutshell. So, welcome!